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Our goals of the retreat are twofold: (1) to build community around shared experiences with Post-Concussion Syndrome and (2) to share resources aimed to aid in your healing physically, mentally, and spiritually.  To accomplish both, we have built a curriculum centered around nature and writing that will support each participant in acquainting with their present self, no matter what stage they are in the journey.  Participants will leave the retreat with a collection of resources, opportunities for further engagement, and a support network.

I'm worried about my capacity to be engaged given my symptoms- can I still attend a retreat?

Retreats are full, multi-day, overnight experiences.  It is important that you are able to attend the entire retreat.  That being stated, we know how difficult, both physically and emotionally, it can be to manage symptoms.  Breaks are intentionally built into the retreat for that reason, and you will always be welcome to step away to rest if needed.

What is the cost to attend a retreat?

It is important to me that anyone who wants to attend a retreat has the opportunity to, independent of their financial situation.  We also need to meet our own financial needs as a company in order to run retreats.  Therefore, we have a few different options.  First, participants pay on a sliding scale between $800- $1200.  Second, we provide resources for participants to fundraise in order to cover their cost.  Third, with much gratitude to outside donors, we have a scholarship fund available.

I have physical limitations- can I still attend a retreat?

Retreats are full, multi-day, overnight experiences.  Unfortunately, we are not yet able to accommodate participants who require caregivers.  However, if this applies to you, please still reach out and I will offer some suggestions of experiences that are more accessible.  I'm also always excited to brainstorm how to make our retreats more accessible in the future.

I have filled out the retreat interest form.  Now what?

Once you have filled out the interest form, I will be in contact with you to schedule a 30-minute phone conversation!

I have had a prolonged concussion that has lasted more than 2 years, but it was not properly diagnosed.  Can I still attend the retreat?

The short answer- Yes, 100%, absolutely.  We will discuss this in more detail on an individual basis during our initial phone conversation.

What do I need to bring?

We will send a detailed list of items you may want to pack, but generally, comfortable clothing and any personal necessities!

I have food allergies, can I be accommodated for those?  Secondly, what will we eat?

I am very familiar with food allergies, as I myself am gluten and lactose-intolerant.  We will be eating a whole, brain-healthy diet cooked by our own personal chef.  Snacks will be available throughout the day but do feel free to bring your own comfort snacks.

More questions? Ask!

I will provide more answers as questions come up!

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