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"Cait helped me learn the language I needed to properly advocate for myself in an academic setting in order to continue my education without worsening my symptoms. She opened my eyes to so many different accommodations and creative ways of completing my college coursework that I never would have known to ask for without her guidance. I had reached a point where graduating from college didn't seem possible, and thanks to Cait I not only graduated, but got the best grades I had throughout my entire college career while working with her! She empowered me to take ownership over my health and ask for exactly what I needed to be successful. She also helped me to learn many new strategies to cope with my symptoms.  I can't recommend her more as an academic coach!"

- K. (undergraduate student)

"I can't thank Cait enough for the incredible guidance she has provided me during grad school! Not only did she help me tackle tight deadlines, but she also worked with me to discover strategies that best suited my unique style of learning. These skills have helped me far beyond the context of school. Cait has a true passion for helping students- no, helping humans- reach their academic goals.  I wouldn't be where I am without her support and knowledge."

- J. (graduate student)


"In high school, I struggled with imposter syndrome. Having recently moved to the United States while getting ready to attend high school away from my family, I felt simultaneously like I was trying too hard and not hard enough. It greatly affected my academic confidence and, subsequently, my academic performance. Cait saw my struggles in the classroom not only as an academic issue, but also as a cultural and emotional one. Her coaching skills helped me to feel seen, validated, and empowered to do my best work without shame. I am so grateful to her for helping me become a stronger student and, more importantly, a more confident and compassionate human."

  - T. (former high school student)


"Cait Ward was instrumental in my daughter’s success as a student and person. She was especially helpful as she was going through a difficult transition to a new school and community. Perhaps Cait’s greatest asset is her ability to relate to students on their own terms. She has the unique ability to connect with kids on a personal level, while at the same time offering smart and practical structure to help students deal with anything that may come their way. She is a fantastic person and an outstanding educator." 

- G. (parent)

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