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“Our facilitators were fantastic. I wish I could live a retreat-life all the time with them.”  - Laura

“I loved the retreat. Our facilitators were flexible, read the room, and created space for all of us.” - Abby

"I have nothing but absolute love and appreciation for the facilitators- I am in awe of how effortlessly they guided us through such a meaningful weekend. Each of them came with a unique set of skills and authentically welcoming attitudes, it was obvious that they were all there because they truly cared.  I have never opened up in a structured space, but these facilitators cultivated a safe space, and I immediately felt comfortable opening up to them.  Every piece of the weekend was perfectly spot on and guided by simply wonderful humans. I cannot say enough good things."  - Katie

"I so appreciated the writing exercises, especially when asked to separate my past self, present self, and future self. Kado was so helpful with the morning and evening yogas and meditations." - Shannon

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