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Cait founded Concussed. after struggling with Post-Concussion Syndrome for many years.  You can read more about her personal journey living with a brain injury here.  Cait is currently working towards her LPC licensure with a Wilderness Therapy focus through a Clinical Mental Health Counseling program in Colorado.  She also serves Naropa University as an Academic Coach, with a focus on supporting students who are neurodiverse.  Before moving to Colorado, Cait spent eight years working in independent boarding schools on the East Coast as an Environmental Science teacher, research coordinator, mountain program instructor, hockey coach, and advisor (among other roles).

For the past eleven years, Kim has been working in independent boarding schools, teaching English and Creative Writing, helping to elevate equity, justice, and belonging, advising queer clubs and LGBTQ+ affinity groups, coaching soccer, ice hockey, and lacrosse, and a variety of other tasks. Throughout her life and her education,  writing and reading have been profound and steady passions. Kim received her MA in Literature from Middlebury College and is currently pursuing her MFA in Creative Writing at Bennington College. Kim approaches all of her work–from her teaching to her writing to her activism–with an intersectional mindset and constantly seeks to honor the complex ways that our intersectional identities land in our bodies and souls. In February of 2020, Kim suffered a concussion, and Cait Ward (a dear, dear friend of hers) was the first person she called. Having had first-hand experience seeing the ways that Cait can help people navigate through the trauma of a brain injury, Kim is honored and grateful for the opportunity to work with Cait in her mission and vision to provide people with community and care. Kim and her wife Allison currently live in Meriden, New Hampshire.
Jaycee holds a BS in Integrated Physiology and Health Sciences, is a licensed Co-Active Coach, and is a CTI Leadership Intensive graduate. Jaycee spent the last five years coaching individuals, facilitating workshops, and consulting companies on neurodiverse engagement strategies in a remote culture. She is passionate about helping people thrive in systems and co-creating systems that allow neurodiverse people to thrive. Whether it be a recent college grad facing life without a clear roadmap, an executive who is looking for their new career, or an injured athlete landing in their new identity, Jaycee is passionate about helping people integrate their experiences, orient to where they are, and step toward their fully expressed life.  Jaycee is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Transpersonal Psychology to further support her clients' integration. Jaycee is also the daughter of a football coach and grew up watching the interplay between individuals (athletes) and the system they operate in (team). She experienced the highs and lows associated with being an athlete, including the impact of career-ending injuries.  She has devoted her work to helping people rebuild relationships in the wake of trauma. These relationships include family, identity, significant others, body, and more.  Some of her favorite tools are the Enneagram, nature, Positive Intelligence, somatic awareness, and mindfulness. When she is not working one-on-one, you can find her hiking with her dog in the redwoods, reading a random collection of books, or cooking with her boyfriend.



Hi, I’m Katie, a 24-year-old from Cape Cod, MA currently finishing up my bachelor’s degree at the University of Vermont. As a Concussed. retreat alum, I am so excited to be interning with Cait and helping her continue to impact and change the lives of people experiencing concussions and Post-Concussion Syndrome. Personally, I have had 10 concussions over the last 11 years.  Receiving the support that Concussed. provides has been an incredibly validating and helpful experience of growth and healing! I am an ocean girl at heart and love spending all of my spare time by the water, catching a good sunrise or sunset, or doing something creative!