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Katherine "Kado" Simmons has been teaching movement and mindfulness to people of all ages for the last decade. She began her practice as a personal trainer in New York City, working with individuals and small groups to attain goals in fitness and health with an emphasis on the relationship to one's body and self. While living in NYC she attended the Swedish Institute for Health Sciences where she received a license to practice massage therapy and Shiatsu, and created programs for clients that offered a combination of movement and body work. After moving back to the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts in 2015, she participated in a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training through LifeWorks studio in Great Barrington, MA, and currently teaches yoga, mindfulness, and movement practices at Berkshire School. 


For the past ten years, Kim Cooper has been working in independent boarding schools, teaching English and Creative Writing, advising queer clubs and LGBTQ+ affinity groups, coaching soccer, ice hockey, and lacrosse, and a variety of other tasks. Most recently, Kim has been serving as the Director of Equity & Inclusion at The White Mountain School in Bethlehem, NH where she is leading the school’s initiative to build a community of belonging upon antiracist and anti-oppressive principles. Throughout her life and her education,  writing and reading have been profound and steady passions. Kim received her MA in Literature from Middlebury College, and starting in January 2022, Kim will be an MFA candidate in fiction at Bennington College. She’s working on a novel that centers on intergenerational trauma and healing, looking at the ways that shame is passed down through generations from woman to woman, and how women can both internalize and reject that shame. Kim approaches all of her work–from her teaching to her writing to her advocacy–with an intersectional mindset and constantly seeks to honor the complex ways that our intersectional identities land in our bodies and souls. In February of 2020, Kim suffered a concussion, and Cait Ward (a dear, dear friend of hers) was the first person she called. Having had first-hand experience seeing the ways that Cait can help people navigate through the trauma of a brain injury, Kim is honored and grateful for the opportunity to work with Cait in her mission and vision to give hurting people access to this community and care. Kim and her wife Allison currently live in Bethlehem New Hampshire and will be relocating to Meriden NH in August.