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I believe that emotional care is essential to growth and healing. Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) pose unique difficulties for those who are impacted. Symptoms can Symptoms can vary drastically by individual. Daily functioning is altered and there is often no clear timeline for recovery. Given its invisible and unpredictable nature, it is common for those who are in this type of pain to feel isolated and detached from themselves and from others. Additionally, our medical model does not adequately address the complexity of the human experience when we are in pain.

I utilize a patient-centered, biopsychosocial approach to counseling and value the importance of relationship-building through empathy, respect and communication in the therapeutic process. I will validate your lived experience and support you in your continued healing and growth. I work with clients to address the grief, loss of identity, medical fatigue, and negative thought patterns that often coincide with navigating traumatic brain injuries.

I currently provide psychotherapy services through two different group practices in Colorado. Both practices are credentialed to work with various insurance providers. If you live in Colorado and are interested in psychotherapy, feel free to reach out directly, or alternatively, through Colorado Brain Injury Therapy or iSeek Counseling.

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