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Berkshire School & Concussed.

Thank you, Berkshire School, for participating in our very first Concussed. week!  Life is often unpredictable and outside of our control (as we have seen firsthand these last 2.5 years of COVID).  This week has been designed for all of us- whether you have experienced a traumatic brain injury firsthand, or not! 

For Online Donations:

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Schedule for the Week

Sunday 1/30

Movie Screenings: 4-7 pm in Fentress
Concussion and The Crash Reel

Monday 1/31

Team Breakout Sessions

8:30pm Zoom call with Cait for students (only) who have struggled with concussions

Tuesday 2/1

Dress Down Day!

Headway Foundation "New Tough Pact" with Ms. Joly and Mr. Wysocki

Wednesday 2/2

4:30 GVH vs. Hotchkiss with a raffle!

8:00pm Zoom call with Cait for adults who have questions about concussions