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We aim for progress, not perfection: healing takes time.
We are aware that our medical systems are broken, and that we also have to work within them.
We believe in the movement of energy through our bodies, each other, and the environment that holds us.
We know that creating space for fun and play is essential and therefore, must be accessible.

We work to validate the grief associated with the loss of a past self.


(1) Build community around shared experiences with persistent concussion symptoms (PCS)

(2) Share resources aimed to aid in healing physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually


To accomplish both, we have built a curriculum centered around mindfulness, nature, and writing that will support each participant, no matter what stage they are in the journey.  Participants will leave the retreat with a collection of resources, opportunities for further engagement, and most importantly, a support network.


If you have been struggling with Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS) or prolonged concussion symptoms for two years or longer (whether confirmed by a doctor or not) you are eligible to join our overnight retreats. Our day retreats are open to anyone struggling with PCS, regardless of time. 

Retreats are personalized to a target group and limited in size.

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